Privacy Policy

We collect information about our members to help us provide efficient services related to Freemo online, planning future services, seeking feedback, customer service and market research.

We do not collect or store any of your payment details. We use a world class specialist provider to help manage the process and provide you with a super secure service.

What are we collecting?
Basic membership accounts contain personal information that include your name, postal address, phone contact details, email address, gender and date of birth. You can choose to provide us with further personal information, which may be used as afore mentioned.

The more we know about you, what your interests are and what you like, the better we can match you with businesses and offers that you're interested in. In this way, you can keep the mail clutter to a minimum but still get an opportunity to find out about great offers.

Keeping it private?

We realize you don't want your information bandied around the country, so we are careful to ensure that any data shared is provided in summary and aggregate form and does not identify or provide your personal contact details.

Personal information about members may be disclosed to a participating company if: you are a lucky recipient of a product, service or experience; you consent to it via the participating company's communication/agreement with you; or in those areas of service mentioned above.

You can request access to your data. Please send us your request in writing. A fee may be charged for any reasonable costs incurred in responding to these requests. We will disclose any fee before it is incurred.

SPAM and junk mail

We take it very serious, and at any time if you feel that you're being bothered or that you've received one email too many then email us at , and let us know. Additionally you can use the 'unsubscribe' link found at the bottom of all emails.

Technical Stuff
Cookies - With the exception of any disclosure required by law, no information collected by us will be divulged or made available to any third party other than the merchant that you have signed up with, or under the circumstances mentioned above, without your express consent.

We value your interaction with our site and to the best of our ability ensure that your data is being stored and managed under secure and strict processes.

Advertiser Code Of Conduct

We are committed to ensuring businesses, browsers and members have a positive experience. We encourage both sides to embrace the Freemo spirit.
To maintain a great service we request that businesses follow these basic guidelines when interacting with the site.

  1. It must be Free! No strings, gimmicks, post payments, postage and packaging, or 'buy one get one' conditions. Any request for feedback must be communicated and included within your Freemo listing or the related Terms and Conditions.
  2. No gimmick freebies such as downloads or ringtones - there are some great sites out there that offer a service for these, we're not it.
  3. No free 'vouchers' - unless the voucher is for 100% free with no strings attached. You may include vouchers in the content of your promotion, but they cannot be the primary free item.
  4. Freemo is a feel good environment - offer quality goods and services, ensure recipients receive the item or details promptly, and maintain a high level of honesty and good faith.
  5. Integrity - we expect businesses to uphold their promotional offer. Please do all you can to follow through on your offer.
  6. SPAMMING our precious users - we do not present advertisers with personal contact details unless required to facilitate receipt of the Freemo offer. Any advertisers abusing this information will be barred from the site.
  7. Abide by the Law - if your product or service is restricted by legal requirements please ensure your Freemo T&C's includes details and you uphold them.